February1-February 11

Serve in a winter camp of young children whose families will love your presence teaching English, bringing fun and games to camp.  In a place where it is difficult to learn to parent, this program reaches out to families to demonstrate healthy and loving ways of enjoying each other. In a place in continual change, young parents receive support learning how to raise their children in the 21st century.  Stay at Tianjin U and meet great people serving in the academic environment.

Ideal for: anyone young who loves children and loves to play!

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July— Lead an English teaching team or serve as a conversation partner to 25 students age 12-15 in a summer English immersion program in Shunyi, Beijing. Instructors need a B.A. with teaching experience. Conversation partners need a willingness to participate in conversational English and lead learning activities. Learn more about the opportunity here

Ideal for: those with Bachelor’s Degrees, those who have an academic teaching background, those with a heart for limited access countries, those who enjoy engaging with middle school aged students, those who speak English as a first language, those who have experience in teaching English as a second language (ESL).