October 14th-24th– Come build a playground structure in an unreached country. Providing a non-threatening meeting place for believers to gather with unbelievers such as a playground is a strategic way to bring the Gospel. We will also be providing Bible storying skills for reaching children in the area.

Ideal for: children’s ministry workers, construction background, theatre/drama interest, heart for unreached Muslims

Is God stirring your heart through this opportunity? Contact Tom Netane ( for more details.


May 28th-June 12th – Medical Team to Congo (DRC)

General Opportunities to go to Congo: Our Congolese brothers and sisters left to go back to their country in May, but they are inviting us to come to them in November! Discover how God is using your Congolese brothers and sisters in the Congo and how you can partner with them hand-in-hand. Our sister Sabuli has a dream of creating a sustainable home for orphaned and abandoned children in Congo. Our brothers have dreamed and implemented a university to make Congolese students into Congolese leaders. See how sustainable agriculture is changing the lives of people by creating jobs. Participate in sports ministry among the youth.

Is God leading you to serve the Congolese church? If so, contact Sharon Seeberger (


June 19th-July 2nd

“There is nothing closer to the heart of God than feeding orphans.” -2013 Malawi trip participant.

Discover God’s heart for orphans by being the hands and feet of Jesus. PCC has watched malnourished young children grow up into healthy young adults through our partnership with Ken and Avisha Mpemba at MCM. Spread God’s love through feeding, playing, and tutoring the children who walk through the center doors every day.

Ideal for: children’s ministry workers, educators (teachers), orphan care advocates, people who have a heart for Africa

Interested? Contact Brian Rhen (




January 2017

There are more Comorian people in Marseille, France than the actual Comorian Islands! Join a missionary team based in France to build relationships with Comorian people on the island. The team will be doing ESL training and providing medical care.

Ideal for: those interested in reaching unreached people groups, those interested in ESL, those with a medical care background, those who are passionate about disciple-making