Global Partnerships


What does “taking up the towel” mean to you?  “Taking up the towel” to serve and wash someone’s feet, literally or figuratively, can be as simple as crossing the city to befriend, tutor, or encourage a neighbor, or it can be crossing the ocean for a short time to humbly extend the love of Jesus … reaching out to everyone from the most marginalized orphan child to pastors and leaders of the largest churches. There’s a place for you! Scroll through the different countries and see what we have coming up. PCC’s mission is to partner with sisters and brothers around the globe in one mission. Are challenges and change required? Yes! But surprises and rewards await. Email or call and let’s talk! We want to help you find the place where God wants you.  Trust and have faith; God will provide. Whether your a professional wanting to offer your service or just wanting to go to share your love, we want to partner with you!


Many blessings on your journey,

  Sharon S., Glocal Hub Director 


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