Partner with PCC

As God speaks to people about His desire for this world, the natural response of the heart if often to say, “OK what next?”  For every individual that varies, but most likely one is being called to…

1.  Serve locally.

2.  Serve internationally.

3.  Be discipled: Know what you believe, believe what you know, and live the gospel.

4.  Make disciples:  Prayer, time, giving, people in your life.

All of which is preparing for his great coming and equipping us to be used with great Freedom! Consider a deeper commitment to any of the above and let us help walk you through the process. We will help you and that may mean you say yes to God!

If you are in a position where God has clearly led you into a serious giving commitment, you may want to see how PCC can partner with you.  Talk to international or local leaders at PCC.  Email

Glocal Hub Office.  650-365-8094 ext 245.  

Director Sharon Seeberger or Chairman John Becker 

You can also read through our Introduction to PCC Glocal Partnership.  Prayerfully consider God’s call on your life to bring the love of Jesus to all whose lives cross your path. Use your gifts and resources as tool for the Kingdom of God.

Grant Application for new and existing partners:

Application for Organizational Support

Partnership Application

PCC Mission Road Map