The Mafia and Falling Asleep Anyway

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By Laura Parker with The Exodus Road a non-profit for human trafficking.

“And I longed to go back– back to that place of live-or-die intimacy with this Jesus I was getting to know all over again. Back to those spiritual mountaintops born in the Valleys of Extreme Circumstance. Back to those soul-rich nights where I drank heavy doses of adrenaline, fear, and suffering.

But we don’t always get to be on the front lines. “There are seasons when we are called to stay, to do the quiet, to walk the mundane, to practice a “long obedience in the same direction” (Eugene Peterson). ”  path

Testimonies from YWAM

This week wraps up a 5 weeks of sports and ESL programs for the children at Fair Oaks School.  So much has happened as the YWAM team from Chile and the PCC community has worked together. God is to be praised for the relationships we are forming in this precious community! The YWAM Chile team who came to PCC has been instrumental in opening doors with children; we are so grateful for them.  Each team member has been such a blessing but for now their testimonies are below:

–Bryan Neal – YWAM Sports Leadership – Kona, HI
The time at Fair Oaks Elementary was really good. The team that came with me from Chile, really enjoyed their time with the children. We had a chance to talk with them, and play many games and sports. In each game the children were taught different values that would help them grow to have better relationships with their family and friends. We bonded with kids really easy because how much time was spent with them. We also got a chance to minister the gospel to some of the adults and parents. I believe  seeds were planted!  The Lord will nurture those seeds and make them grow. Thank you very much for providing this opportunity to serve in your community!
God bless
Heather Mosebach – Pennsylvania
My time at Fair Oaks school has been a time of God growing me in patience and dependence on God for strength and wisdom; showing me the power that love and encouragement can have on others. There is one child a little girl that touched me in particularly; when she came she didn’t really smile much and she did not want to play much. I would offer high-fives but she didn’t always want to give them back. Eventually she found out that we shared the same birthday and that was so special for her- she began smiling more and more and she began to open up. These kids are so valuable and they truly just need to be loved and given attention and encouragement. By teaching values through activities and sports it has been such a great opening to show God’s love through our actions and our words. It has been a neat experience to build relationships with these children and to see their excitement. God’s light is definitely shining through us in that school. My hope is that Christians will continue to impact children from that school and this area, for so much work is still needed.
Trent Dougan – North Carolina
The children were so much fun and such a blessing to work with; even if it was exhausting.  I was able to experience God’s supernatural grace, strength, and love through it all, and I grew closer to this community, my team, and God.
Andreina Palomares – Uruguay
Many times one can not see or measure the impact one can generate in the life of a child. In these last few weeks, there have been many days of seeing the need for our children to be cared for; to give them the attention and affection that they need, that it is genuine – not for receiving anything in return but simply giving because they are precious in the eyes of God. While I think it is a painstaking task, with perseverance, gradually building trust , in a few short weeks I’ve seen quick glances turn into children running with hugs that nearly throw you to the ground. This is representing God, and his love for them. This is just the beginning for them; God does not leave things halfway. Knowing that we we planted seeds to sew Gods glory has been a blessing, not only for these children but for our team. I pray that God places people to continue sewing in the lives of these children. Thank you Lord, I am Happy!
Muchas veces uno no ve o no alcanza a medir el impacto que uno puede generar en la vida de un niño. Estas semanas, han sido dias de ver la necesidad de nuestros niños de ser atendidos, de darles la atención y el afecto que tanto necesitan y que este sea genuino, que no es por nada a cambio sino por entender que son preciosos ante los ojos de Dios. Si bien creo que es un trabajo de hormiga, de constancia, de que poco a poco se gane la confianza ver como unas pocas semanas han generado la transición de simples miradas a corridas de abra

Haiti Update

A lot of progress in construction has been made in Cabaret, which is the area the 2011 team visited. The Christian radio station that they worked on is finished and running, as is the church, and community center. Many more houses have been built there as well, and Haitians from Port au Prince who lost homes after the 2010 earthquake have moved in. The process continues of finding the best way for providing water for these homes and buildings. It is exciting to see how this area is now a growing, thriving community!