Living the Book of Acts in Southern Spain

We welcomed our Spain team home on Monday, August 7th!  Wonderful things happened while our team was in Spain.   North Africans, Gypsies, and Spaniards are coming to faith!  The team met a group of Sahrawi people (of the western Sahara desert), previously having no connections with the gospel of Jesus.  After being exposed to loving Christ-followers who genuinely care for them, they are starting to come to faith.  Our team was also busy supporting pastors in southern Spain whose churches are gearing up to receive and care for 50 new refugees every 6 months.

Soon after our team’s arrival, they were able to witness about thirty new believers were baptized!

Here is an update from John Becker on how the women on the Spain team ministered to the refugee families.
           “Yesterday, Maureen and the ladies on our team in Jerez were invited to the home of a refugee family. Their hearts were moved as they heard the hardship of this family and their separation from their homeland and extended family. “Who will be there for my children if something happens to me?” Our friend Raquel was able to share about her journey with cancer, loss and her hope in Jesus.”
Read this incredible story from John Becker about a man that God put in their path and who chose to accept Jesus.
           “Yesterday was an incredible day. Pastor Pedro and two of us took the ferry across the Mediterranean to North Africa. After going through immigration, we then chose a taxi to take us to our destination about 1 hour away. It seemed like a strange choice of taxi, as it was an old, well worn and clunky car. But AW, the taxi driver stood out to us. Usually one would take the taxi that is at the front of the line. But AW’s taxi was 10th in line, which meant he had to back up a hill and turn around and drive the wrong way on a road to start our journey. But it wasn’t random. God chose AW. We saw he was a man of peace and began to share with him, beginning with the question of God providing a ram for Abraham to sacrifice instead of Isaac. From there Pedro and I shared about the Korban “Sacrifice” of Isa for our sins in place of us. AW said he never understood this, nor the fact that he could pray to God any time, even in his taxi. He was overjoyed and prayed for forgiveness and to receive Jesus.”

In the Taxi with AW!

So how can you get involved?  First of all, the pastors and other believers in Spain need your prayers! Please lift them up to our Heavenly Father, that He would provide the words to say to the people they meet, so that the work that was started there will continue.
If you would like to be involved in a more tangible way, there are opportunities for you to serve in the future!  The mayor of the town has asked us to send a sports team to teach them how to build sports camps and programs.  Watch for news of that opportunity in 2018!   Another need is that they have a great demand for English language teaching…maybe you can help someone learn English!   If you would like to hear more about these opportunities, please contact Sharon Seeberger or John Becker.

Spain Trip 2017

July 22 – August 6

Share Christ and practical resources with incoming migrants from Africa as they look for a better life in Europe. A team from PCC will connect with refugees in Jerez, Spain and also perhaps Ceuta, a Spanish city in Africa on the Mediterranean Sea.


Every week up to 2,000 African migrants enter the European Union. Many are fleeing war, totalitarian governments, poverty, failed crops, encroaching desertification, and terrorism. Seeking a better life in Europe, they often only find more poverty and inhospitable residence. The majority of migrants are either from people groups who are unreached by the Gospel or Muslim majority nations.

Short term groups, in partnership with local ministries will be equipped to share Christ with migrants in transit, connecting them with media and friendship on their journeys. Teams will also provide basic English language skills, childcare, and care packages to those they meet.


Projected Schedule:

  • cost: ~$3,000 (depending on cost of intl airfare when booked)
  • July 22: arrive in Jerez, Spain
  • July 23-25: team training in Jerez, Spain
  • July 26 – August 4: travel/outreach in Ceuta and Jerez
  • August 5: debrief in Jerez
  • August 6: travel home

Learn more about the work in Jerez, or in Ceuta here.  For more information, complete this information request for  PCC and the application for AIM) or contact John Becker at

EuroRetreat 2014

Dalton Hurst and Nay-Nay Jackson serving Third Culture Kids at the EuroRetreat 2014


Dalton Hurst and NayNay Jackson arrived safely back to the Bay Area after serving Third Culture Kids at a retreat for our global partners. Below is an update with highlights of their time serving at the retreat:

Anastasia, Peter, Samuel and Ruth are AWESOME! Sophia is a great help, and Josue is a lot of fun.

We’ve been spending a lot of time with their parents. Hearing what they’re doing and where they’ve come from. Samuel’s parents are located in Strasburg, France working with inter-varsity. Originally from the East Bay.
Josue and Sophia’s parents are just outside of Barcelona, Spain working with “Freedom in Christ”, they’ve been serving over there for 17 years. Not exactly sure where they are originally from. Ruth’s parents are serving in Sweden planting churches.


It was great seeing/meeting Kevin & Linda Swanson who our church has supported for so long, receiving their gratitude for PCC and the support they have been given.

We spent Saturday (November 1st) in Marseille at a birthday party with Comorian families. We ran around and had good fun.

God’s definitely helped us by putting people in our path for direction.

God Bless,

Dalton and NayNay

Update on Dalton& NayNay serving in Europe


Shelby Hurst, NayNay Jackson, and Dalton Hurst with Linda Swanson at the EuroRetreat

Members of PCC Dalton Hurst and NayNay Jackson are currently giving their time to care for children of kingdom workers. Covenant global partners who serve throughout Europe are gathering together to participate in a meaningful retreat. One of our own global partners, Linda Swanson, reflected on her experiences at the retreat with Dalton and NayNay in her blog post. Read her encouraging entry on how PCC is partnering in significant ways.

Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished…

My heart, oh my heart, you long for this place.
This is where you have found life and love.
Wait for the Lord to move, oh my heart, for without His hand, life and love are nothing.

-Ukraine Psalm, written December 10th, 2013

Uncontrollable tears overtook me as I sat defeated on the red pew.
Head bowed, hands open

Heart broken. [Read more…]

Peter and Janet Payne – currently on mission in Europe!

By Tasha Keirns

Paynes Europe 2014
Peter and Janet Payne, members of Peninsula Covenant Church, are currently on their annual short-term mission to Europe! Peter and Janet live in Mount Hermon, California.  They have two grown sons, wonderful daughters-in-laws, and fun grandchildren. Peter is the managing director of the The Institute For Credible Christianity: speaking and training in apologetics and outreach, and serving students locally at UCSC. His PhD is in Philosophy, and was with InterVarsity’s Grad-Faculty Ministry for 21 years. Janet is Peter’s ministry partner, handling administration, training students in Bible and outreach, and serving students at UCSC. Her MAs are in Education and TESOL.

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