What is God calling ME to do?

God calls all of us to do special things. Some are called overseas, some are called to small towns, others to cities. Not all of us are called to hold office, or become pastors, but we all have a role specifically designed for us. Something that we can do, to help those around us. Right here in Redwood City, CA, our home, God could be calling you to serve in the various ministries that he has had set up in the heart of the city. In the schools where we provide gym teachers, where we spend time reading with children who need extra help learning to read in english, where we set up food drives and school supplies drives. In the square, where we meet Wednesdays at 12 and Sundays at 7, and we walk around and talk to people, pray with people, and show our community love. What is God calling you to do? One of our brothers in Christ has shared his story in hopes to encourage others to go out and ask God, “What are you calling me to do?”


My name is Sam. We live in San Antonio, TX. We are kind of new to DMM and DBS. I say we because my wife Cheryl and our two sons (Daniel 19; Sebastian 20) work together.

The refugee community that we work with are a group from Bhutan who came to the US from a camp in Nepal. They are Hindu background. How we got plugged into their community is through our church. A friend of mine at church teaches ESL for the Dept. of Defense and he told me about his voluntary work with the Nepalese community. I volunteered to help and for about 2 and 1/2 years we taught ESL.

Through that ESL program we came to know some of the community members quite well. Anyway, the Nepalese have a small Nepalese church about 12 families)and their pastor, Ezekiel, told the group responsible for the ESL program that his community members needed help with completing paperwork (SSI disability, foodstamps, job applications and etc.,) Well that’s right up the alley for my wife and me. We both have a background in law. So we set up a ‘free legal clinic” once a week in the pastor’s apartment where we work on paperwork for whoever needs help. My wife attends disability hearings for community members (some are Christians some Hindu). We have been doing that for several months and the community seems to be responding quite well.

About 8 weeks ago, we started meeting with Pastor Luke Stevens. He teaches a class in disciple-making. Because of this class we started prayer walking in the Nepalese community—they live in a small number of apartments located in very close proximity to each other.

Through prayer walking God has led us to three small groups of people. One group is the pastor and his wife, the second is a small group of his church members, and the third is a group of Hindus that we plan to meet with for the first time this Saturday. We have met with the pastor and his wife two times and with the church members one time. Since we are in the very initial stages of this mission, I guess we are interested in everything.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our neighbors.

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