North Africa Team Update

Just last week a PCC team returned from four days in North Africa, where they partnered with a local ministry to build a playground.


Tom Netane, our children’s ministry director, led the team along with his son, Joseph, and PCC members Octavio Lopez and Andy Chang.

From Tom: “We partnered with Kids Around the World members, our main partner organization on this outreach trip, as well as a few locals on the ground. Since 1994, KATW has been igniting hope in over 60 countries through means of providing playgrounds, restoring health with life-saving meals, and resourcing teachers to reach millions of children with the gospel. We installed a special playground designated for but not limited to a therapy center that treats children with disabilities.”


Though there were some setbacks – they could not build on their originally intended site and local authorities delayed their dedication ceremony – the team remained encouraged.

Our cups were definitely shaken during this trip but what came out of us reflected God. The temptation of feeling overwhelmed and wallowing in frustration was trumped by supernatural joy, peace and strength!


Welcome back the team when you see them!



If you are interested in a short term ministry trip, visit us on the patio after each service on November 6, 13, and 20 and mark your calendars for an Informational lunch on January 22nd




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Building His Church

“We live in an unprecedented time in history where access to the peoples and nations of the earth are open like never before” states John B., PCC’s Mission Chair and AIM Ministry Director, in his recently written article about open doors for the Gospel to spread through. With opportunity and purpose, God’s people have a responsibility to usher in His Kingdom using the resources he has given us in the community he has placed us in. Learn more about how you can be involved in the spread of the Gospel here.

The Travelers Gift

congo and linda swanson2015

***NEW*** OUR CONGOLESE LEADERS BLESS EVERYONE THEY MEET. Read the blog post by our Global Partner, Linda Swanson, to hear how meeting and engaging with four Congolese leaders provided an antidote to her compassion fatigue.

Zuku and Texa are Coming to PCC With New Friends!

Congo leadership at PCC page 37

Six Congolese leaders are arriving in the Bay Area on Friday, March 13th for two months of leadership enrichment and English language learning. From the Women’s Director for Service Development to Director of the Ubangi Sports Service, our gifted Congolese brothers and sisters have much to offer and are eager to learn from us as well.

congo leaders at PCC page 37

Make the most of their time here: host a dinner or lunch at your home, participate in a local culture learning trip by sight-seeing around the Bay Area with them, meet with a particular friend you relate to one-one-one to learn more about their ministry roles and to share about yours.

Email any of our friends directly to connect with them or email Hannah Dawley ( or Sharon Seeberger ( to find out more.

texa on left


Our well known friend Texa ( is a returning participant (last trip was 2006). He is currently the Project Director for Farmers to Market, which is an agricultural business development program. He is involved in helping impoverished Congolese farmers increase their output and profitability.

Reverand Kanda Yayoro Isabelle ( is an ordained Reverend and the Women’s Director for Service Development in the northwest part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is passionate about educating young girls who would not have a chance to receive an education without the outreach of CEUM.

Reverand Koy Bosworth ( is a professor at the Ubangi Protestant University (UPU) and will be focusing on leadership development and funding strategies to help with income stabilization for qualified future Congolese professors.

dinner first night Congolese 2015

Our good friend Zuku ( is an accomplished agronomist, working in the northwest part of Congo through the Covenant Church to help farmers increase productivity and profitability. He specializes in grant writing skills to help these farmers reach out to resources that might not otherwise be available to them.

The accomplished Valerie Bangabutu, MD ( is currently the Head Medical Doctor of the Karawa Health Zone. She oversees the health care services throughout her zone and is coming to learn about sustainable economic practices in health care.

Reverend Joel Zambite ( is the founding Director of the Ubangi Sport Service, which provides basketball and soccer leagues for Congolese youth. He partners with our community center in development strategies and is looking forward to gaining skills in his holistic approach to community development through sports ministry.




Yesterday we experienced culture shock in many ways. No electricity, a woman and her baby almost being hit on the road as we drove by, the fact that survival is driving most of the people and that death is a daily occurrence. Some of the team went to the village and found out how these kids really live. Suzie Hughes asked the villagers what the high point and the low point of their days were. It is a high when there is food, but there are many days when all they have in their stomaches is water and that is definitely a low. We have never experienced what these people do on a daily basis and that is causing us to wrestle. We are dependant on electricity, warm food, order, drinkable tap water, cleanliness,  the list could go on and on. We are wrestling.

One of the most impactful meetings yesterday was getting to know Phoebe, the woman who runs the Center. She loves the children deeply and is so dedicated despite the difficult circumstances. Most Malawians walk or ride a bike everywhere. She lives 20-30 minutes away from the Center by car. Her car is not working well and sometimes she walks to the Center and back. She is in her 50’s. Our hope and prayer is that somehow, God will provide her with reliable transportation. She is really “mom” to 170 orphans who’s quality of life would be severely impacted if she and the staff were  not in the picture. phoebe6 feeding 6

At the Airport

Yasmin and Grace (both 11 years old) were sitting in the Kenya airport waiting for a flight to Malawi! The girls are tired, but having fun and thinking about the children they will soon meet! Yasmin can’t wait to paint faces at Malawi Children’s Mission. Grace really liked Anne Frank’s house and team time in Amsterdam.  They don’t know what to expect in Malawi, but they are loving the adventure.


Pray for Yasmin and Grace by name that they would experience God’s love as they serve at MCM.cpl1OMWYWKZDMCLBnVs_t0UDfTLo2TaXSuO9Y6S5qAVjTCIlmCxL7rVDH7nVqhjsJJrazA=w1249-h450

Malawi Here We Come !

We leave today for Malawi. The team is hopeful. and very excited about God’s purpose in having us go to Malawi together. He really is the one who pulled this trip together, so we have an acute awareness of His presence and the idea that “He’s got this”. Pray for humility, team unity, sensitivity to his Spirit and for the ability to love like He does.

Janet Miclean
Pastor of Women, Connection and Care


Featured in this photo (Not in order)

Karen Hirsh, Max Hirsh, Suzie Hughes, Grace Hughes, Caitlin Johnson, Janet Miclean
John MicleanDanny Valencia, Amy Valencia,Yasmin Valencia

#Photocreds to Israel Soler

PCC/CEUM Partnership Grows

DSC02406DSC02407 The last couple weeks at PCC you may have noticed new faces, some partly familiar, of our Congolese brothers and sisters visiting.  Pres. Mboka (seated in center on right), who leads the CEUM (sister Covenant church) along with Dr. Mossai (in red)  and Sabuli (seated on left in center) Sanguma have been with us, as well as many other family and friends.  While the timing of the event was the marriage of Mossai and Sabuli’s son at PCC, the opportunity allowed much sweet fellowship with these very special people who have committed their lives to making disciples in their homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the years PCC has partnered with the CEUM on a variety of project, from health and education to development and orphan care.  Sunday April 6 in the services you will see some of those children whose lives have hope thanks to the love and care of Mama Sabuli. [Read more…]

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