A Desire to Impact the World

Some kids worked this summer. Some brushed up on sports skills. Some vegged at the beach. Not Anna Becker. She had a desire to impact the world.
She decided to be a part of Royal Servants through Reign Ministries, and she spent 6 weeks of her vacation ministering to the people of Nepal!

It started out with hardcore training in Wisconsin with about 200 others from around the country. There were 6 teams of about 30 each but they all lived together and trained together for a week. Everything they did during training prepared them for what the teams would be facing in the countries they would go to…Their leaders instilled in them that even if they didn’t understand the rules or activities of the training, it would benefit them later when they were in a country where they would not know what to expect from day to day. They got up at 5:30am each cold morning to face an obstacle course, and then have quiet time after a prepackaged breakfast. They were required to partner up with 2 others who they had to stick with the whole time…even to the bathroom. They learned scripture upon scripture until it was imprinted in their minds and hearts. It was an intense but beneficial time.

Anna’s team finished training and was off to Katmandu, Nepal! They also spent time in the cities of Pokhara and Chitwan. Poverty and overcrowding were everywhere, but the people were vibrant and friendly. In each city, the team went out into the community to draw the local people together through dance, drama, or puppets. Anna was on the puppet team and loved talking to the kids that came to watch. After each event, conversations were started with the local people who are either Buddhist or Hindu. Anna saw first hand how empty both religions are. Both religions have the goal of “reaching nirvana” where their followers believe they will be free of the cycle or reincarnation. They believe this is done by doing good works and stopping the accumulation of bad karma. Doing good works sounds like a great thing, but they are enslaved in their thinking and don’t know that salvation is a free gift through Jesus. “They are living for no purpose”, Anna says, “Their only purpose is to non-exist and one day reach a state of nothingness”. Anna’s team did a lot of evangelism not only on the streets, but in leprosy colonies, orphanages, a woman’s rehab, and a home for kid’s whose parents are incarcerated.

Anna with Hindu priest.

Out of the many experiences Anna had, three stood out to her. One was meeting Gita, a 17 year old like herself. Gita had overdosed on drugs, but had turned her life over to Jesus at the rehab. They developed a friendship, and Anna was a able to spend time encouraging her to keep going forward. Spending time at a refugee camp near the Tibetan border was another special experience for Anna. She has always had a place in her heart for refugees. Although the refugees at the camp were not very open to hearing about Jesus, Anna loved her time interacting with all the ages of people there. Human trafficking is another social issue strong on Anna’s heart, and her team was able to partner up with Tiny Hands, a ministry that rescues and ministers to victims of sex trafficking. The ministry rescues about 100 girls each month, and the team did prayer walks in the areas these girls are found.

Anna and Gita at the Women’s Rehab.

“How did this trip impact you?”, I asked Anna. That is a big question with so many answers.
Anna feels like the experience led her to be more open to an unknown future as she finishes her last year of high school. Instead of just sticking with the plan she has always had for herself to go straight to college, she wants to be open to whatever God leads her to. She grew stronger in her knowledge of scripture with all the memorization she did, and she grew more comfortable with sharing her faith. Anna plans to continue serving locally with those who are hurting, broken, and marginalized in society. Presently, she is volunteering with Life Moves and their many homeless shelters. She also plans to start up the Social Justice group at Summit High School again, bringing awareness to her classmates of the many issues that face our world.

Thank you, Anna, for being an example of sacrificing your time, money, and energy to serve hurting in the world. Anna has more stories to tell, I am sure. Don’t miss out by failing to ask her to share some of them!