Urgent Prayer Request for Central African Republic

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We have been informed about a crisis in Central African Republic, where Christians are under attack. Here is an excerpt from a facebook page dedicated to supporting these Christians during this dangerous time.

“The Center of Africa needs our prayers. 1000’s of people have fled for their lives as ruthless rebel groups invade the villages in Central African Republic. The most recent attacks are taking place in Zemio, eastern CAR, where angry militants have burned, pillaged and murdered causing the entire town to run for their lives. Innocent lives are in hiding while their homes burn and family and friends loose their lives. Pray for the body of Christ, may we as their brothers and sister stand before our Father on their behalf, when they are weak may we hold them up. Churches have been burnt, and Christians are facing persecution and devastation. NGO’s and relief organizations have had to flee the fighting, so vital medical and food supplies are not getting through. Please join us in asking the ONE true HOPE to rescue our brothers and sisters in Jesus.”

If you would like to be updated on this crisis, please visit this facebook page (“Pray for Central African Republic”  https://m.facebook.com/groups/1391556330881352