Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Register Here Encounter the momentum of the World Christian Movement through 15 weeks of developing a fresh knowledge and perspective of God’s purposes for the world and how you can participate with him through creative and active engagement. You will learn about the different ways you can reach God’s world from the top missional pastors, […]

Mission Updates

Update from Italy!

These past few days have been amazing, not only have we had fun with the kids doing arts and crafts, we also got to talk about God with them in the morning with a devotion. God is doing amazing things here in Europe and we are so happy to be apart of it. –Nay Nay […]

PCC Body

God’s Heart for Vulnerable Children

cross-post by Hannah Dawley at These are the ones the world has forgotten. And since I am not of the world I can play no part in forgetting. This was one of the many journal entries I had during my two weeks at a Ukrainian orphanage. For two weeks I played, laughed, taught, ate, […]


Reflections from the CCDA National Conference

by Steven Rozzi “We need to start talking about reparations.” This was only the first night of the conference. I mean, I knew we were dealing with some radical folks here, but I was less than prepared to hear this a few moments into the first session after a six hour drive to Los Angeles. […]