Living the Book of Acts in Southern Spain

We welcomed our Spain team home on Monday, August 7th!  Wonderful things happened while our team was in Spain.   North Africans, Gypsies, and Spaniards are coming to faith!  The team met a group of Sahrawi people (of the western Sahara desert), previously having no connections with the gospel of Jesus.  After being exposed to […]


Is it time?

You’ve read the stories.  Your friends have told you more.  Is it time to make your own story?  An Intercultural Discipleship Team may be a new venture for you, or it may be something that simply reflects who you are or have been becoming.  Look at the opportunities for 2018. Ask the Lord if there […]

PCC Body

A Desire to Impact the World

Some kids worked this summer. Some brushed up on sports skills. Some vegged at the beach. Not Anna Becker. She had a desire to impact the world. She decided to be a part of Royal Servants through Reign Ministries, and she spent 6 weeks of her vacation ministering to the people of Nepal! It started […]


Caring For The Most Vulnerable Among Us…..

The best way to see a transformed Bay Area tomorrow is to care for a vulnerable child today.   Along with PCC’s God’s Heart for the World offering on November 5th, there are other ways to give to help vulnerable children. We can give of our time and our skills. These children are high at risk […]